Peace Talk: ‘5th round’

June 25, 2017/by jonb


June 2, 2017/by jonb

Noordwijk aan Zee

May 27, 2017/by jonb

Day Five: GRP-NDFP Fourth Round of Talks (Noordwijk)

April 6, 2017/by jonb

Day Four: GRP-NDFP Fourth Round of Talks (Noordwijk)

April 5, 2017/by jonb

Day Three: GRP-NDFP Fourth Round of Talks (Noordwijk)

April 4, 2017/by jonb

Day Two: GRP-NDFP Fourth Round of Talks (Noordwijk)

April 3, 2017/by jonb

Day One: GRP-NDFP Fourth Round of Talks (Noordwijk)

April 2, 2017/by jonb

NDFP CASER working group prep for the Fourth Round of Talks

March 30, 2017/by jonb

GRP-NDFP back channel talks

March 11, 2017/by jonb

Icy @ Vatican city

January 26, 2017/by jonb

Vatican city

January 26, 2017/by jonb

Wangwang, selfie at ibp

January 25, 2017/by jonb

Day 7: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 25, 2017/by jonb

Day 6: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 24, 2017/by jonb

Day 5: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 23, 2017/by jonb

Day 4: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 22, 2017/by jonb

Day 3: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 21, 2017/by jonb

Day 2: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 20, 2017/by jonb

Day 1: GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

January 19, 2017/by jonb

Migrante Europe founding congress

December 10, 2016/by jonb

Oslo August Peace Talks

August 22, 2016/by jonb

Flower festival ‘Bloemendagen’ at Anna Paulowna

April 30, 2016/by jonb

COP21 Paris with civil society groups

December 14, 2015/by jonb

Danny Fabella in Amsterdam

July 18, 2015/by jonb

House reps’ informal meet with NDFP peace panel

July 10, 2015/by jonb

Picket rally on PH-China hearing in The Hague

July 7, 2015/by jonb

Book launch in NL: “Luis Jalandoni, Revolutionary”

June 15, 2015/by jonb

One Billion Rising info evening with Monique Wilson

June 4, 2015/by jonb

Demanding Justice for Imperialist Crimes against Humanity

February 21, 2015/by jonb

GRP and NDF back-channel talks

December 8, 2014/by jonb

JMS booklaunch: Detention and Defiance

December 4, 2014/by jonb

KM’s 50th year celeb in Amsterdam

November 30, 2014/by jonb

The Hague: Thousands marched for the people of Kobanê

November 1, 2014/by jonb

Philippine Independent Church (IFI) pushes for the resumption of peace talks

September 17, 2014/by jonb

Aquino visit to Belgium met with protest by Filipino migrants

September 16, 2014/by jonb

Bad Bentheim

August 8, 2014/by jonb

Palestinian supporters march in Amsterdam

August 3, 2014/by jonb

Amsterdam forum: Beyond Allegories

May 14, 2014/by jonb

Labor Day in Rotterdam

May 1, 2014/by jonb

The International Conference for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines

July 21, 2013/by jonb

People’s State of the Nation 2013

July 18, 2013/by jonb

Founding Assembly ILPS Netherlands Chapter

April 14, 2013/by jonb

Bankerohan, Davao

March 13, 2013/by jonb

Mendiola massacre commemoration rally

February 27, 2013/by jonb

One Billion Rising 2013 @ Morato QC, Philippines

February 15, 2013/by jonb

Congress hearing with Cong. Teddy Casino

January 29, 2013/by jonb

DFPA Photoshoot

November 19, 2012/by jonb
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